BuzzFeed’s Burial

BuzzFeed is in its final days. After publishing a story about President Elect’s Trump dealings with Russia it could find itself in hot water. BuzzFeed is a news organization that has not been around for very long but it has gained quite a following among millenials. I have even found my self taking their quizzes and watching their viral videos from time to time. BuzzFeed has only recently started publishing investigative news stories on their website.

The story they decided that would bring down the house is from a dossier that has been around for quite awhile now, but other news sources had held off on publishing any information from it because little to none of the information could be verified. They author of the dossier is Christopher Steele. He is a former MI6 agent whom retired in 2009 to begin a career in the private sector. With most of his career spent working in Russian intelligence it is difficult to believe that any of this information is false, but there is no way to be certain.

Without having any of the sources being able to verify if all or none of this information is true there is no reason for the story to be out in the open. By BuzzFeed jumping the gun and publishing an article about the dossier without having all of the facts their journalistic integrity is put into question. There is a reason why every other news organization had the same information but decided not to run with a story.

BuzzFeed News is the new kid on the block. They are trying their best to make an name for themselves in a highly saturated news market. In a world full of fake news on the rise, this is definitely not the time for anyone to rush a story to market without having all of the facts. I commend BuzzFeed for wanting to be the first to break such a sensation story, but by not having all of the facts to back the story it is no beneficial to their brand or the journalist community as a whole.


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